Drum Set Coordination

Visual References for the Development of Drum Set Coordination

A Comprehensive Collection of Coordination Reference Volumes

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Coordination is a challenging yet necessary part of learning to play the drum kit. Many books exist that present the various ways the hands and feet can be coordinated to produce various stylistic patterns, but many of them rely on a high degree of visualisation and interpretation on the part of the student.

These reference books lay out the combinations in visual reference guides, allowing the students to see exactly how every element aligns with each other.

Each volume acts as a teaching aid, as well as a practice guide for students, and tackles a particular rhythmic landscape or style set. This allows both teachers and students to focus on exactly what they wish to improve. 

Just Released

Funk-Fusion Coordination Reference

  • 15 Coordination Sets

  • Dedicated to Binary Funk-Fusion Groove Patterns

  • Over 65 Pages

  • Teaching Aid

  • Student Visual Reference

Forthcoming volumes :​

  • Ternary patterns based on dotted quarter notes

  • Jazz patterns based on dotted quarter notes

  • Latin and world patterns

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