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Offering a range of professional services to the creative industries

Music Services

Remote Drum Recording - Learn More

‣ Professional drum tracks recorded for clients anywhere in the world

Production and Mixing

‣ VST and audio production, arranging, mixing and EQing

Composition and Production

‣ Audio and instrumental composition for mixed media

‣ Snare drum, drum kit, and percussion repertoire and etudes

‣ Full project management, from concept to full-ensemble recording

Engraving and Score Production - Learn More

‣ High quality production of music scores

‣ Production of spiralbound workbooks and digital PDFs

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Education Services

Masterclasses and Seminars

‣ Bespoke masterclasses on rhythm, composition, and technique to the educational environment

Professional Consultation

‣ Tailored consultation focused on working within the creative industries

Instrumental Tuition

‣ One-to-one and group tuition on the drum kit and snare drum, given in a classroom environment or over the internet

Publication Services

Text Editing and Proofreading

‣ High quality, detailed, and comprehensive editing of text, both fiction and non-fiction, with a specialism in academic text

Discuss Your Project

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