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Broken Time Drumming

A Complete Concept for the Development of Broken Time Drumming

"This is a groundbreaking book which fills a gap in the canon of jazz drumming literature."
     - Bill Stieger, Canopus Drums

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Broken Time Drumming tackles the enigmatic and challenging style of jazz drumming, pioneered by players like Jack DeJohnette, Jon Christensen, Marcus Gilmore, and Peter Erskine. The book features extensive conceptual analysis of the style, and present a complete motivic approach to understanding and building vocabulary in a way that encourages improvisation and self-development.


Containing 100 pages of analysis and explanation, motivic sets, etudes, play-along tracks, and advice on how to work on it all, it is the most comprehensive treatise on broken time playing available today.

Front cover of Broken Time Drumming, a book by Jonathan Curtis on the develpoment of jazz drumming
Etude from Broken Time Drumming by Jonathan Curtis
Study from Broken Time Drumming by Jonathan Curtis

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