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A Complete Concept for the Development of Linear Drumming

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Linear Freedom is a drumming book dedicated to linear playing. Featuring a complete, ground-up approach, fundamental vocabulary, and a concept to tie it all together, it is the most comprehensive linear drumming book available today.

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Linear Freedom aims to present a set of improvisational vocabulary for each note value. What that means is, rather than present every possible permutation of hand and foot combinations, it presents a certain selection, chosen and linked by an underlying concept.


Chapter 1 presents the concept, and demonstrates its application using 16th-note phrases. Subsequent chapters then apply this concept to new sets of vocabulary for each note value.

Every phrase and combination in the book is linked by the same concept, so understanding that concept is key. The idea is to take the concept outlined in Chapter 1, and then apply it to the note value of your choice.

The final goal is to be able to improvise in any value in a linear fashion. Linear Freedom does not present every possible linear lick or phrase. Instead, it focuses on the musical acquisition and application of a core set of phrases that are linked by a simple concept, allowing you to focus on the playing, rather than memorising endless combinations.

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