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The Snare Drum Virtuoso

Technical Studies for the Development of Snare Drum Technique

The Snare Drum Virtuoso is a collection of technical studies, pieces, and études, designed to develop all aspects of snare drum technique. Challenging vocabulary is applied across focused musical studies to allow the student to engage with the techniques in musically applicable ways. Rather than simply repeating patterns without context, the student will discover and develop their own technique through exposure to the vocabulary and its musical applications. This book represents some of the most advanced snare drum study material available today.

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The Snare Drum Virtuoso Drum Book Front Cover by Jonathan Curtis
About the Book

About the Book

The book contains:

  • 76 technical studies

  • 13 control challenges

  • 8 études

  • Discussions and exposition regarding the techniques and their history

  • Practice methods based on neuroscientific principles.

Original études bring the vocabulary together, presenting challenging and musically diverse applications of the techniques explored.

76 Technical studies addressing:

  • Fundamental motions

    • Singles​

    • Doubles

    • Diddles

    • Buzz Strokes

    • Acciaccatura Strokes

  • Rudimental vocabulary

    • North-American Traditional​

    • French Traditional

  • Polyrhythms, meters, tuplets, nested rhythms,  and subdivisions

  • Orchestral vocabulary

  • Engaging and improving the non-dominant hand





"Once again Curtis demonstrates a systematic understanding of key aspects of his field of study and without doubt should be considered at the forefront of his artform.


This book presents critical arguments for analysis, and the reader without doubt will extend their knowledge and understanding whilst developing methods and techniques that will help them become a Snare Drum Virtuoso in their own right."

    - Paul Hose, CEO of MLC Group, and Music and Diploma Examiner

“It is no secret that Jonathan Curtis is one of the most dedicated drummers out there today. It should, therefore, come as no surprise that a new study book from him demonstrates once again the full extent of his indelible devotion to helping us all to further the art form.

While distinctly aimed at furthering our technical prowess on the snare drum, there are no attempts here to impose upon us any kind of grip, hand movement, or any other motion-based rules that may not be suitable to each individual (and may actually stifle progression through forced application). Instead, the vast content provides a progressively challenging set of works that will stimulate us to cultivate and actualise the nuances of movement required to correctly produce the final results at their given tempo.

Backed up by extensive commentary on the different styles, approaches, and their historical backgrounds to underline the raison d’être behind the studies, The Snare Drum Virtuoso is a truly seminal piece of educational work.”

    - Rob Hirons, MLC Academy Marseilles,

"Wow, got my copy sharpish today and it’s everything I hoped it would be. Really well written, fantastic explanations, a pragmatic approach to technique and some challenging pieces to get my reading and technical chops to another level. I know I’m going to be enjoying this book for years to come. Thanks Jonathan, a really impressive and thoughtful piece of work. Can’t recommend it highly enough if you’re an intermediate/advanced player who’s interested in the instrument and want to fine tune your skills. Brilliant!"

    - Al Hackney, Drummer

Snare Drum Virtuoso Book Front Cover
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