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Drum Lessons

Drum Kit and Snare Drum

From Jonathan Curtis

"Legitimately one of the best teachers I've had for anything. I've been having lessons with Jonathan since I was 14, and the amount of work the guy puts in to teaching and making every lesson easily understandable and accessible can't be understated. Would highly recommend at any age or skill level."

    - Joe, drum kit student

Jonathan Curtis Drum Lessons Drum Kit
Drum Stick Black.png
Drum Stick Black.png
Jonathan Curtis playing the snare drum

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Drum Lessons in Nottingham

One-to-one drum lessons are conducted at a purpose-built drum studio in Newton, near Bingham, Nottinghamshire.

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"Jonathan is not only very knowledgeable about his subject he is also an engaging and enthusiastic teacher. Our son really enjoys their lessons together."

    - Andy, father of drum kit student

Online Drum Lessons

Study the drums from anywhere the world with online video platforms. One-to-one lessons using:

  • Skype

  • Zoom

  • Whereby

  • Messenger

  • WhatsApp

Drum Kit Tuition

Modern drum kit tuition, covering:

  • All musical styles and genres

  • Graded syllabi

  • Rhythmic theory and sight reading

  • Improvisation and soloing

  • Professional skills

  • Recording and production

Snare Drum Specialism

Master the snare drum as a solo instrument:

  • A deep approach to technique

  • Conceptual analysis

  • Traditional and modern repertoire

  • Rudimental and orchestral vocabulary

  • Rhythmic theory and sight reading

  • Composition

Full Day Intensives

Are you looking to engage more deeply with a particular topic? Why not consider a one- or half-day intensive, with three or six hours of focused tuition dedicated to your chosen topic of study?

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"Jonathan has been teaching me for four years and I have made steady progress across a number of drumming styles, from rock, drum & bass, jazz, latin, funk, fusion, linear, and, of course, the rudiments.

Every lesson is tailored and amended to my progress and to reflect the evolution of my musical interests. Time spent on elevating my drumming speed whilst maintaining accuracy has been especially valuable, and my drumming horizons are expanding exponentially as we've now entered the world of polyrhythms and broken time. I can wholeheartedly recommend Jonathan to anybody wishing to start drumming, or to the intermediate/advanced drummer who wants to further develop their skills."

    - Colin, drum kit student

Ready to Book a Session?

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Want to Discuss Your Lessons?

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