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The Creative Practitioner

A Guide to Working in the Arts

Paul Hose and Jonathan Curtis


ISBN: 978-0-9957273-8-0

The Creative Practitioner is a best practice guide for those looking to work, train, and professionalise within the creative industries. It features chapters dedicated to the nature of the creative industries, academic rigour, performance, teaching, running a business, safeguarding, legal obligations, and best practice principles.

Professionalisation of an artform is a necessary step in turning one's passion into a sustainable career. It provides guidance to students and existing practitioners who wish to begin or improve their practice, business, or artistic output.

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The Creative Practitioner is a comprehensive best practice guide, reference book, and professional manual for those looking to train or work in the creative industries. It is aimed at those who want to professionalise and move into a career in the arts, as well as those who are looking to accredit themselves by attaining professional qualifications.


  • The nature of the creative industries

  • Academic rigour

  • Education and teaching within the arts

  • Performance and Subject Knowledge

  • Going into Business

  • Best practice and Safeguarding

  • Qualifications and Vocational Training

  • Building a Portfolio Career

Book Contents

  • Introduction

  • Vocational Qualifications

  • Part 1: An Overview of the Creative Industries

    • The Creative Industries

    • A Modern Vocational Approach

    • Case Study: The Covid-19 Pandemic

    • Case Study: Professionalisation in a Live Setting

    • Case Study: Individual Professionalisation

  • Part 2: Academic Rigour

    • Introduction

    • Presentation of Work

    • Scholarly Conventions

    • Plagiarism

    • Conducting Research

    • Viva Voce Assessments

  • Part 3: Teaching the Arts

    • Teaching the Performing Arts

    • Teaching Philosophy

    • Teaching Pedagogy

    • Curriculum Mapping

    • Assessment Within the Arts

    • Teaching Best Practice

    • Conclusion

  • Part 4: Performing the Arts

    • Performing Within the Arts

    • Practice

    • Professionalism

    • Preparing for a Performance

    • Recording

    • Evidence and Analysis

    • Performance Diploma Case Study

    • Conclusion

  • Part 5: Working in the Arts

    • Working in the Creative Industries

    • Types of Business

    • Planning a Business Venture

    • Case Study: Lucy Reyes

    • Professional Practice

    • Safeguarding

    • Professional Procedures

    • Developing a Portfolio Career

    • Conclusion

This book is aimed at anybody looking to professionalise their artform. It is perfect for both students on vocational pathways, as well as established practitioners looking to enter the industry professionally. It is for anybody studying or practising a creative discipline:


  • Musicians and Bands

  • Designers

  • Illustrators

  • Photographers and Videographers

  • Dancers

  • Actors

  • Dance and Theatre Groups

  • Students

  • Independent Artists


Paul Hose is a fellow of both the Royal Society of Arts and the London College of Music, a Licentiate of both Trinity College London (for Teaching) and RSL (for Performance), and the CEO of MLC Group, providing arts education to schools and private students. He has worked as a professional musician and educator for over thirty years, and works as an examiner and assessor for diploma candidates in music.

Jonathan Curtis has been a professional musician for over ten years, and runs a private music teaching practice and independent publishing company. To date, he has written and published ten books in music education and instrumental instruction, six studio albums across the jazz and fusion genres, an array of snare drum and percussion compositions, and completed several Arts Council England-funded projects about composition, performance, and music pedagogy.

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