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Online Drum Lessons

Learn the Drums Wherever You Are

Online drum lessons are a great way to study with a teacher without worrying about location or travelling. Online conference platforms like Zoom, Skype, and WhereBy allow lessons to be conducted from the comfort of your own home, with minimal setup or equipment.

Jonathan Curtis on Snare Drum Pearl Philharmonic
Jonathan Curtis Drum Lessons.jpg

What Equipment Will I Need?

Less than you might think. For the simplest setup, you will need:

  • Video conferencing software (Skype, Zoom etc.)

  • A tablet or smartphone

  • Your drum kit or practice pad

This basic setup allows you to simply point the phone or tablet at your drum kit, and conduct the lesson via video call. So long as the connection, audio, and video quality are good enough that I can see and hear you clearly, you are good to go.

Microphone Setups

More advanced setups require a little more work:

  • Microphones for your acoustic drums

  • An audio out from your electronic drums

  • An audio interface or mixing desk

  • A laptop or PC

Most video conferencing platforms can only accept, at most, two lines of audio input. This means that multi-mic setups will need to be routed through a mixing desk, and the combined audio channels taken from the mixing desk into your PC or laptop.

This is the setup I use to allow you to see and hear me, and also provides the most comprehensive way to let me see and hear what you are playing, but it is not necessary or required.

Booking Lessons

Online lessons are available to be booked individually through the online booking portal. This allows you to choose the time slot you want, whenever you want it. Alternatively, online lessons can be booked on a regular basis for a discounted price. Unfortunately, this cannot be done through the booking system, so please contact me directly if you would like to arrange this.

Same Content

Taking online drum lessons means you get the same content, tuition, and feedback that you would from a lesson in the studio. You can still choose to specialise on the drum kit or the snare drum, cover all of the same topics, and receive the same level of engagement. While it would be inaccurate to say that online lessons are exactly the same as in-person sessions, they are as close as the technology allows, while giving the added flexibility for distance learning and travel-free lessons.

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