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Full or Half Day Sessions

Engage in a full or half day of focused study on a single topic or goal. Available as a six-hour full day, or three-hour half day, these are perfect for students wishing to take a deep and in-depth look at a particular topic.


Singular Focus

The whole point of these intensive days is to focus and deeply engage with a particular topic of study. These include:

  • Broken time jazz drumming

  • Linear drumming

  • Improvisation and soloing

  • Snare drum technique

  • Snare drum repertoire

  • Snare drum composition

  • Rhythmic theory and reading

You can also request a particular topic of your choice, though it is a good idea to get in touch before hand to confirm.

In the Studio

Due to their nature, these sessions are not available online, and are conducted in the studio in Newton, near Bingham, Nottinghamshire. They also occur only on Sundays, and can be booked through the online booking system.

Students are encouraged to bring their own lunch, though light refreshments and snacks are provided.


Full day sessions run for eight hours, with six hours of tuition. The timings are as follows:

  • 9:00-9:15 - Arrival and Introduction

  • 9:30-12:30 - Tuition, morning session


  • 14:30-17:30 - Tuition, afternoon session

Jonathan Curtis Drum Lessons.jpg

Half day sessions run for three hours with no breaks. The timings are as follows:

  • 9:30-12:30 - Tuition, morning session

  • OR

  • 14:30-17:30 - Tuition, afternoon session

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