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Shipping to the EU

Tariffs and Charges

Shipping to the EU from the UK is done using Royal Mail's International Tracked service. This allows both sender and receiver to track the process as the order travels across borders.

Since Brexit, shipping UK-based goods to the EU has been met with new and unwelcome import duties and VAT obligations, which vary from country to country. This means that, until a better solution is found, EU customers are liable for extra charges on receipt of goods purchased from this website. This VAT is usually around 5%, but can be as much as 22%, representing around a €7-10 charge on a £25 book. The receiving customer is obligated to pay this fee upon delivery, including any associated administrative costs accrued by the courier.

We are working hard behind the scenes to try to find a better solution. Until then, we ask our EU customers to be aware that they may face extra fees upon receiving books ordered from us, and that, for now, the customer is responsible for paying those fees or risk having the books returned. We apologise for this, and hope to find a more acceptable solution soon.

Example Tariffs, including duty payable on a £25 book:

  • Italy - 22% (£5.50)

  • Belgium - 21% (£5.25)

  • Spain - 21% (£5.25)

  • France - 20% (£5)

  • Germany - 19% (£4.75)

Please note that, depending on the country and the local courier, administrative fees may be charged as well.

Please ensure that you are happy to pay these potential charges upon receipt of your item, before placing an order in the shop. Refunds and returns cannot be accepted due to EU tariffs.

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