Update 21/07/2021: Assuming no new government restrictions are introduced, face-to-face lessons will resume from 03/08/2021. Online booking will open a week before this. Guidance regarding face-to-face tuition will also be published at that time. Thank you for your patience.

For all bookings, please be sure to read the GDPR and Cancellation policies, outlined below.


Cancellation Policy

Tuition is given under the provision of a 24 hour cancellation period. Lessons will be charged at the full rates if 24 hours notice is not given and the lesson is missed. If contact is made within 24 hours of the lesson, every effort will be made to rearrange the lesson for the nearest opportunity, but if this isn’t possible, the lesson will be charged.


If a missed lesson has not been paid for in advance, future lessons cannot occur until the missed lesson has been paid for. If the lesson has been paid for in advance, that lesson will count as having been given.


Acknowledgement and acceptance of this cancellation policy is a condition of taking drum lessons. By continuing to have lessons, you are giving your agreement to this policy. If you do not wish to agree to this cancellation policy, or take issue with some of its terms, please make contact as soon as possible to discuss it further.

Working with Youngsters

I have been working with children for a long time. I hold a full DBS (formerly CRB) certificate, which is updated and reissued regularly. I have given music tuition in primary schools for many years, and have experience working with children with various disabilities and learning difficulties. Please see the sections below on data protection, and the taking of photographs, videos, and audio recordings in relation to children.

GDPR - Data Protection

As part of new data protection guidelines, companies must now be as transparent as possible with regards to the collection, storage, and protection of customer information.


As a drum student, the only data that will be collected from you is that pertaining to contact details: phone numbers, email addresses, and possibly, though much less commonly, home addresses. This data must be given freely by you, and will never be harvested from third party sources.


This contact information will be stored solely for the purpose of contacting you with regard to music tuition and the administration thereof. It will be held for the duration of your time as a drum student. Once a student ends their lessons, their contact details will be deleted.


You have the right to request the deletion of any of your personal data at any time and for any reason. Please note, however, that this may make it difficult or impossible to effectively arrange music lessons in the future.


Customer data of any kind will never be shared with anybody for any reason.