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Jonathan Curtis

Drummer, composer, author, and educator, offering session and live playing, tuition, music production, and the publishing of musical literature through the publishing house Artificer Productions.

Lessons and Performance
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Expert Tuition

Drum kit and snare drum tuition, and professional consultation, online or in the studio. Covering all areas of drumming at the highest level, including professional consultation, industry advice, and grading preparation.

Broken Time Drumming

Broken Time Drumming tackles the enigmatic and challenging style of jazz drumming, pioneered by players like Jack DeJohnette, Jon Christensen, Marcus Gilmore, and Peter Erskine. The book features extensive conceptual analysis of the style, and present a complete motivic approach to understanding and building vocabulary in a way that encourages improvisation and self-development.

Jonathan Curtis Broken Time Drumming

"It is a fantastic book that has been missing from jazz instructional literature since the inception of post-bop. This is a ground-breaking book which fills a gap in the canon of jazz drumming literature."

     - Bill Stieger, Canopus Drums Artist

Front Cover of Linear Freedom by Jonathan Curtis

"A brilliant book from a great educator."

     - Glenn Hallam, Wild, Pete Turland,


Linear Freedom

Linear Freedom is a drumming book dedicated to linear playing. Featuring a complete, ground-up approach, fundamental vocabulary, and a concept to tie it all together, it is the most comprehensive linear drumming book available today.

Session Recording

Session recording, remotely or in the studio. Catering for the needs of the modern music industry, providing drum kit recording anywhere in the world. Competitive pricing and professional studio quality.

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Artificer Productions

A publishing house specialising in high quality musical literature, scores, compositions, and music. Artificer Productions stands for quality and technical excellence within the fields of music and musical education.

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