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Snare Drum Compositions Volume 1

Spiral-bound Edition


This is a collection of the five pieces for solo snare drum in spiral bound paperback. This collection includes:


  • Dekatria
  • Ishvara
  • Jata Path
  • Numinous Measure
  • Veda


This book also includes comprehensive performance notes, as well as discussions as to the compositional concepts involved.


"This complex array of snare drum solos by Jonathan Curtis presents a unique combination of challenges for the performer and listener. Beyond requiring an assured technique, Jonathan’s thoughtfully crafted pieces demand an understanding of proportion and compositional balance built on mathematical foundations.


The result is a beautiful confluence of intricacy and flow, with carefully placed accents that allow for melodic expression on the drum. There are deep and carefully considered levels involved in these works, which require us to seek to understand the process and logic behind their creation. Mr. Curtis presents us with highly organized music that, in an ideal performance, is completely organic to the ear."


 - Joseph Tompkins, New York City, October 2021

Snare Drum Compositions Volume 1 - Spiral Bound Paperback

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