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The Snare Drum Virtuoso

Technical Studies for the Development of Snare Drum Technique

Delux Spiral-bound Edition


The Snare Drum Virtuoso is a collection of technical studies, pieces, and études, designed to develop all aspects of snare drum technique. Challenging vocabulary is applied across focused musical studies to allow the student to engage with the techniques in musically applicable ways. Rather than simply repeating patterns without context, the student will discover and develop their own technique through exposure to the vocabulary and its musical applications.


76 Technical studies addressing:

  • Fundamental motions

    • Singles​

    • Doubles

    • Diddles

    • Buzz Strokes

    • Acciaccatura Strokes

  • Rudimental vocabulary

    • North-American Traditional​

    • French Traditional

  • Polyrhythms, meters, tuplets, nested rhythms,  and subdivisions

  • Orchestral vocabulary

  • Engaging and improving the non-dominant hand



The Snare Drum Virtuoso - Spiral Bound Paperback

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