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Songs for Snare Drum

a project by Jonathan Curtis

In Collaboration with Arts Council England


Songs for Snare Drum is an ongoing project, funded by Arts Council England, that I am conducting throughout 2023. It is a direct continuation of my work from The Snare Drum (2022), and continues my compositional and pedagogical explorations of the snare drum as a solo instrument.

The main aims of this project are as follows:

  • The composition of ten solo pieces in the march style

  • The composition of five comprehensive and exploratory solo pieces

  • The recording of performances of all of the above

  • The publication of all of the above as collections of repertoire

  • Research papers into the nature of these compositions

  • Educational videos discussing these compositions

As a continuation of my work in this field, I will not be taking direct instruction from teachers or mentors in the same way as in the previous project. Whilst that project was about beginning my own journey, this project is now fully focused on the production of my own work.

I have made a conceptual distinction between the pieces I have called marches, and the pieces I have termed explorations. This will form the basis of much of the research essays that I produce, and will be the main conceptual cornerstones on which the compositions are built.

This page will be updated as the content is released.

Contemporary Marches for Snare Drum

This collection presents ten pieces in the march style, complete with bass drum accompaniment, allowing them to be played as duets if desired.

Alongside the scores, there are extensive performance notes, and an essay that analyses and explores the compositional aspects of the march style.

Front cover of the book Contemporary Marches for Snare Drum by Jonathan Curtis. It features a snare drum and bass drum on a red background.
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