Pro Recordings for Wherever in the World You Are

The internet is a wonderful thing. If you like my sound and would like me to play on your music, that is now possible regardless of location.

The process couldn't be easier. You send me your vision, I record the drums in my studio, and you receive the RAW files, mixed or unmixed.

Pricing is quoted on an individual basis, as every project is unique. Sometimes, you might just need a simple rock beat for a 16-bar break, or you might need a full album's worth of jazz-fusion! Whatever your particular project requires, the quote and the project will be tailored to you.

After completion, you will receive the raw WAV files for every drum, cymbal, and overhead. These files can then be added directly into your project, mixed, mastered, and enjoyed!

Why not check out some examples of my past session work?

Please note that all projects will be contracted for the benefit of both parties.

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