From Solo EPs to full Studio Albums

I offer music production services to suit all projects. Whether you are an independent singer/song writer wanting to take your first tentative steps into recording your work, a composer or songwriter looking to have your words recorded, or a band looking to produce a full studio album, I offer bespoke services to suit all projects.

Service Overview

The following represent a sample of the services on offer:

  • Recording and tracking

    • This includes individual tracking per instrument or musician, as well as full-band setups and live performance.

  • Editing, mixing, and arranging

    • Taking recorded audio and arranging it into a song, mixing the tracks together, and actually creating the song.​

  • Composition

    • Both entire songs, or individual parts​

  • Production within a song

    • VST, sample, and midi parts for when live musicians are not available or required​

  • Session musician contracting

    • Music is rarely produced alone. Session musicians can be brought in to fulfil specific roles within a project, from a small guitar solo through to a full orchestral suite.​

  • Studio management

    • Does the project need a full-blown studio and engineer, or will a small session suffice? I can provide both.​



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