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Online Masterclass

Regular Interactive Classes Online

Weekly online classes focusing on specific topics or themes. Attend the ones that interest you, log on with your pad and sticks, and let's get to work.


Individual Class: £7

Members Price: Coming Soon

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Class Duration: 40 minutes

Platform: Zoom

Participant Limit: 10

A Zoom link is generated upon booking, and sent to all participants ahead of each class.  Participants should ensure they have Zoom installed on their device, and are able to log into their account and join sessions.


Participants are encouraged to log on with their pad and sticks, and a suitable microphone and camera. A sufficiently capable smartphone or tablet can also do the trick.

I will lead the class, but participants are encouraged to try things out for themselves as we go along, so that feedback can be given individually. Participants are asked to be respectful, and to not play over anybody else, or to mute their microphone while they try something out.

Upcoming Classes

  • Wednesday May 25th, 8:30pm - Double Strokes: Technique, Concepts, and Applications

  • Date TBC - Paradiddles: Technique, Concepts, and Applications

Previous Classes

  • Friday 6th May - Fundamentals of Hand Technique


Do I need a Zoom account to join?

No. Users can join via their internet browser by simply following the event's invitation links. Users will be invited to download the Zoom client and sign in with their credentials, but this is not required.

What Equipment Do I Need?

Ideally, a pair of sticks, practice pad, and a computer or laptop with microphone and camera or webcam. Failing that, a sufficiently capable smartphone or tablet will allow you to join. Simply prop it up and point it towards yourself in a way that lets you view the screen while also being visible as you play. Important: Please be sure to enable original sound within the audio settings and within the Zoom call. This options needs to be enabled in the audio settings, and then switched on in the call itself. Without this setting, Zoom will mute your microphone when it detects a loud noise (like a stick hitting a pad), and we will not be able to hear you!

Is Participation Required? Can I Just Watch?

You are welcome to attend and simply watch, or join in the discussion without playing. Alternatively, you are welcome to get your sticks out and join in that way. The idea is to provide opportunity to get feedback, show and demonstrate ideas, and have a generally interactive experience focused on the topic at hand. If you would rather sit back and just watch, or don't like the idea of playing in front of others, that's fine too.

Can I Record the Sessions?

Yes. Participants will be granted permission at the beginning of each session to record to their computer for their own use. Participants with recordings are asked not to share them publicly.

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